Job Openings

Future Opportunities at Harvard-Smithsonian | Center for Astrophysics, including the EHT

The Harvard-Smithsonian | Center for Astrophysics is a hub of instrument development for the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration. The recent publication of the first image of a black hole has substantially improved the funding environment, with recent tangible results. We expect a variety of positions to become available in the near future, including in the areas of systems engineering, hardware, FPGA firmware development, and software, for earth and flight based instruments. We are very open to talented early career applicants, including postdocs, as well as more experienced individuals. CASPERites wanting to explore opportunities in the EHT and related areas, such as the SMA, please get in touch with:
Jonathan Weintroub or
Kari Haworth .


South African Radio Astronomy Observatory

SARAO has various CASPER-related teams interested in hiring new talent:

  • Electronics group, focusing on general hardware development.
  • FPGA team focusing on hardware support packages (generally in HDL).
  • DSP group focusing on realtime FPGA (generally in Simulink) and GPU coding and DSP algorithm development.

Please forward your CVs along to Francois Kapp: