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The primary goal of CASPER is to streamline and simplify the design flow of radio astronomy instrumentation by promoting design reuse through the development of platform-independent, open-source hardware and software.

Our aim is to couple the real-time streaming performance of application-specific hardware with the design simplicity of general-purpose software. By providing parameterized, platform-independent "gateware" libraries that run on reconfigurable, modular hardware building blocks, we abstract away low-level implementation details and allow astronomers to rapidly design and deploy new instruments.

Future Plans

CASPER is currently focusing on porting our existing libraries and designs to the newest version of our toolflow for eventual use with our newest processing board, the Reconfigurable Open Architecture Computing Hardware (ROACH) board.

At the same time, we are building demo instruments, both to validate our library blocks and to provide reference designs for end users. Most notably, we continue to improve our packetized correlator design.

We plan to offer training courses in the use of our toolflow to interested scientists and engineers.

Mailing List

If you are a CASPER collaborator, or you're just interested in what we're up to, feel free to join our mailing list: images/casper_list.gif
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CASPER Workshop 2014

June 18, 2014

The CASPER Workshop 2014 is over!
Thank you all who attended and made this a wonderful week. Please note that pdf/powerpoint versions of many of the presentations are available via the Agenda in our Conference wiki page.

(Dan Werthimer)

CASPER Workshop 2014

April 1, 2014

The Workship will be held at the University of California, Berkeley - in the Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall - from June 9th to June 13th
The CASPER collaboration workshop in Berkeley will take place from June 9th-13th 2014 at the Univeristy of California Berkeley. Please consider booking your accommodation as soon as possible to get the best possible deal. Where: University of California, Berkeley - in the Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall Meeting dates: June 9th (9am) through June 13th, 2014 (1pm) Cost: $125 for students, $250 for everyone else There will be talks in the morning, and the afternoon will contain labs, tutorials, working groups and free discussion. Labs with CASPER hardware and software will be in the Radio Astronomy Lab, Evans Hall. Working groups will likely include: correlators and beamformers, spectrometers, pulsar machines, MKID detectors, next gen tools and libraries, next gen hardware and architectures.
For more info, click here.

(Dan Werthimer)

CASPER Workshop 2013

March 5, 2013

The Workshop will be held at Jodrell Bank Observatory and the Discovery Centre, Cheshire in the United Kingdom September 2-6
Dear Colleagues, It is a pleasure to inform you that registration is now open for the CASPER collaboration workshop in Manchester which will take place from September 2nd-6th 2013 at Jodrell Bank Observatory. To register for the meeting please follow the links at Registration is open until the 7th July 2013, so please register early. We have also updated information on the website about accommodation, transport, the registration fee and funds for travel assistance. Please also consider booking your accommodation as soon as possible to get the best possible deal. We will be emailing soon with details of how to submit abstracts for presentations and posters. Registration Open: April 26th 2013 Deadline for Travel Assistance Requests: June 26th 2013 Registration Closes: July 7th 2013 Meeting dates: September 2nd - 6th 2013

(Ben Stappers on behalf of the LOC and SOC)

LEDA first light

September 25, 2012

LEDA has first light. Twelve dual polarization dipoles of the LWA1 station fed a hybrid FPGA-GPU correlator built around the GPU-accelerated Harvard X-engine and CASPER collaboration FPGA-based F-engine.

(Lincoln Greenhill)

Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation

January 26, 2012

New opportunities for publication in Astronomical instrumentation

(Lincoln Greenhill)

CASPER Workshop 2011

August 1, 2011

CASPER 2011 Workshop website is now up and ready for registration

(Yashwant Gupta)

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CASPER would like to thank the following companies for their generous donations of technical equipment and tools:

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