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If you are new to CASPER tools, check out our Guide to Interacting with CASPER Instruments.

Board Control
  • TinySHell - for interacting with IBOBs.
  • BORPH - for interacting with BEE2s and ROACHes.
  • Corr - for interacting with BEE2s and ROACHes.
Data Plotting
Instrument Design
Data Exchange Protocal
  • SPEAD: Streaming Protocol for Exchanging Astronomical Data
Data Analysis
  • PSRDADA is an Open Source software project to support the development of distributed systems for data acquisition and analysis.
  • MIRIAD-Ruby allows for reading and writing MIRIAD UV datasets with Ruby. It is very easy to install and use, and it is fully self-contained -- you DO NOT NEED TO HAVE MIRIAD INSTALLED on your computer (or BEE) to use MIRIAD-Ruby!
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