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ROACH has an onboard, fully independent management subsystem that can be accessed through the Xport.

This system monitors voltages and temperatures and will shut down the board if these are out of specification. A log is kept of the shutdown cause, its value and time.


There is a simple Python-based script available here for querying the Actel Fusion over the Xport.

Default values

Channel index Channel Description Shutdown under Shutdown over
7 12V 10.0V 14V
10 5V 4.4V 5.6V
13 3V3 3.0V 3.6V
16 1V 0.9V 1.05V
22 1V5 1.4V 1.55V
25 1V8 1.7V 1.9V
28 2V5 2.45V 2.54V
0 1V5aux 1.4V 1.6V
3 FPGA temperature N/A 95degC
9 PPC temperature N/A 70degC
31 Actel temperature N/A 70degC

When an automated shutdown occurs, the index of the faulty channel as well as it's value can be read out over the X-port. The X-port's default IP address is when shipped from Digicom.

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