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This page contains the instructions to update UBOOT and the Linux kernel on ROACH.


Image Locations

UBOOT image

Linux kernel image


  • ROACH loaded with a previous version of UBOOT
  • Terminal Software
    • Linux – Minicom
    • Windows – HyperTerminal

ROACH Connections

  • Power – J18 (ATX power connector)
  • Chassis connections – J7
    • Power switch – 1 & 3
    • Chassis LED0 – 5(+) & 9(-)
    • Chassis LED1 – 11(+) & 13(-)
  • Serial – P2 (Serial port for communication with the PowerPC)

Upgrade Procedure

These insructions are for HyperTerminal in Windows, Minicom Y-modem transfer procedure will be different but the UBOOT instructions remain the same.

  1. Start HyperTerminal in Windows
    • Serial settings:
      • BAUD = 115200
      • 8 Bits
      • no parity
      • stop bit
      • no flow control
  2. Transfer UBOOT binary (HyperTerminal Instructions)
    1. Press hardware reset button and / or power-up ROACH
    2. Stop autoboot (press any key when prompted)
    3. Type “run newuboot”
    4. Click “Transfer” → “Send File” on the command bar of terminal window.
    5. Select “ymodem” protocol
    6. Browse to UBOOT bin file
    7. Click “Send”
    8. Wait for transfer to finish
  3. Reset UBOOT environment and boot settings
    1. Type "run clearenv"
    2. Type “reset”
    3. Stop autoboot
    4. Type "run init_eeprom"
    5. Set required MAC address: type “setenv ethaddr xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx” (MAC address suggestion: 02:00:00:serial_number)
    6. Type “saveenv”
    7. Type "reset"
    8. Stop autoboot
  4. Transfer Kernel Image
    1. Type “run newkernel”
    2. Click “Transfer” → “Send File”
    3. Select “ymodem” protocol
    4. Browse to kernel image
    5. Click “Send”
    6. Wait for transfer to finish


The update can be done faster by loading the images via network or USB. See the UBOOT macros that are run by typing "printenv" when UBOOT is running in a terminal to determine commands to program these images to the correct locations.

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