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  • Many of the presentations from past CASPER Workshops are linked at the Videos page

Dissertation Talk May 2013 - Automatic Mapping of Real Time Radio Astronomy Signal Processing Pipelines onto Heterogeneous Clusters - Terry Filiba

JPL Workshop June 2009 Introduction to CASPER - Andrew Siemion

JPL Workshop June 2009 CASPER Case Study: Pulsar and Transient Instrumentation - Peter McMahon

UG Radio Lab 2009 - PPT - Graphics- Andrew Siemion

CASPER/OXFORD 2009 - PPT - Andrew Siemion

MCCT OXFORD 2009 - The CASPER Hardware Platform - Richard Armstrong

SSL Colloquium - April 10, 2009 - PPT - Andrew Siemion

SSL Colloquium - April 10, 2009 Searching for Radio Ephemera - The Fly's Eye and Astropulse - Andrew Siemion

LANL/Berkeley Meeting, Dec 2008, The Fly's Eye - Griffin Foster, Peter McMahon, Andrew Siemion

URSI, Jan 2008, Correlators for Large-N Telescope Arrays - Jason Manley

Status, Capabilities, and Use of the ATA Beamformer - William Barott

SKA/BWRC Meeting, July 2004, BEE2: a multi-purpose computing platform for radio telescope digital signal processing applications - Bob Brodersen et al.


URSI General Assembly, August 2008

  • The Fly's Eye: Instrumentation for Detection of Millisecond Radio Pulses (Andrew Siemion, Peter McMahon, et al.) High Res
  • Real-Time Coherent Dedispersion using FPGAs (Peter McMahon, Glenn Jones, Joeri van Leeuwen, Don Backer and Dan Werthimer) High Res

BWRC Winter Retreat, January 2008

  • High Resolution - Wideband FPGA/ASIC Spectrometers (Andrew Siemion, Henry Chen, et. al.) Low Res High Res
  • Searching for Neutron Stars and Black Holes using Reconfigurable Computers (Peter McMahon, Andrew Siemion, et al.) High Res
  • Scalable, Reconfigurable FX Correlator for Radio Astronomy (Jason Manley, Aaron Parsons, Dan Werthimer, et al.) High Res

BWRC Summer Retreat June 2007

  • CASPER: Center for Astronomy Signal Processing and Electronics Research (Terry Filiba et al.) Low Res High Res
  • Wideband High Resolution FPGA/ASIC Spectrometers (Daniel Chapman, Andrew Siemion, Henry Chen, et al.) Low Res High Res
  • A Beamformer Architecture for Antenna Arrays (Vinayak Nagpal, Nick Hwang, Oren Milgrome, et al.) Low Res High Res

(Somewhere in) Iceland, July 2004

  • The SERENDIP V Spectrometer (Aaron Parsons, Dan Werthimer, Jeff Mock, Matt Dexter) High Res
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