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  • ROACH Monitor Actel - 8.3.1698
    • UFC File
    • STP File
    • Note that these files are for iStar or other generic ATX enclosures. Those using the ROACH motel require different Fusion firmware for the LED/front switch panel to operate correctly.



  • Linux Kernel
    • 2011-08-12
      • Includes mmc and monitoring drivers that were not present in the previous compile
  • tcpborphserver (KATCP server on ROACH):
    • 2011-03-03
      • Allows for detection of FPGA programming complete. Requires kernel 20110303.
  • Linux Root filesystem:
    • 2010-03-24_sd_shipping
      • Note: This filesystem currently contains an outdated tcpborphserver.
      • Note: This filesystem defaults to mounting root filesystem read/write. Network-boot users: watch out for multiple boards trying to read/write to the same filesystem, thereby overwriting each others' files; mod fstab or the kernel boot (init) string in uboot as appropriate.

Power on reset issues

The Actel Fusion device (which manages ROACH's power supplies and system monitoring) does not have an internal POR. An external circuit constructed around a capacitor and a resistor provide a time delay to perform this function. Early ROACH boards (up to and including serial numbers 03aabb) were shipped with a 0.01uF capacitor C33. This should be changed to 0.22uF to increase the POR pulse signal and ensure that this circuit behaves as it should. If your board behaves strangely when you first plug it into the wall (maybe it turns itself on or won't turn on when you press the power button) but the behaviour returns to normal after pushing the chassis reset button, then you should change the cap.

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