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Many CASPER instruments use reconfigurable open-source hardware built around Xilinx FPGAs.

A typical CASPER instrument will have one or two ADC boards connected to an IBOB or ROACH for signal acquisition and a small amount of pre-processing and will send data over a network link to a BEE2, other ROACHes or commodity CPUs and GPUs, which will perform the bulk of the signal processing.

For information about acquiring CASPER hardware, click here.

Processing Boards
  • IBOB (2005 - present | Virtex-II Pro)
  • BEE2 (2005 - present | 5x Virtex-II Pro)
  • ROACH (2009 - present | Virtex 5 SXT95/LXT110/LXT155)
  • ROACH2 (2010 | Virtex 6)
  • ROACH-2 Revision 2 (2012 | Virtex 6)
Mezzanine Boards
  • CX4 (3 x CX4 Mezzanine board)
  • SFP+ (Quad SFP+ Mezzanine board)
ADC Boards
Dual 8-bit, 1000Msps (or single 8-bit 2000Msps), Atmel/e2v AT84AD001B ADC
Single-8 bit, 3000Msps National ADC083000 ADC
64 inputs, 64 Msps, 12 bit, double wide board
Quad 8-bit, 250 Msps, Analog Devices AD9480 ADC
Dual 12-bit, 550 Msps, TI ADS54RF63I
Dual 14-bit, 400 Msps, TI ADS5474
  • KatADC (2010 - present | dual 1.5GSPS or single 3.0GSPS)
Dual 8-bit 1.5GSPS (or Single 8-bit 3.0GSPS), National Semiconductor (now Texas Instruments) ADC08D1520 ADC, RF Front-End
16,8,4 inputs 8 bits 250,500,1000 MSPS, Hittite HMCAD1511, various input formats
Single 10-bit 2.2GSPS, e2v AT84AS008 ADC & AT84CS001 DMUX
RF-to-packet converter using 2 x HMCAD1511, FPGA XC7K160T, and cpu
DAC Boards
Dual 16-bit, 1000 Msps, TI DAC5681
Suggested Supporting Equipment

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