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CASPER Workshop 2009

  • "The switches are free"
  • "Every three years just throw it all away."
  • "The cost of a switch is zero."

CASPER Workshop 2010

  • "A Virtex 7 FPGA will cost $3 in 2020" (Kees Vissers: "You can place your orders with Dan.")
  • "At SKA sizes, the cost of a switch is negative"
  • "Throw it away"
  • "It [switch power consumption] scales linearly, I mean, you look at these boxes, they get bigger with more ports"

ATA, SETI, and Real Time DSP meeting

  • "With SKA you just keep waiting, eventually the cost of the correlator is 0"

Discussing Large Projects

  • Regarding VEGAS, "When you build these things that cost a million dollars it's a good idea to have a meeting to make sure you don't screw up"
  • Regarding the 500 meter FAST Telescope, "You know, this is kind of a big project"
  • Regarding SERENDIP VI
    • "I don't like to ship a system that's completely working and running perfectly..."
    • "I don't care about packet loss." in reference to 10 GbE links from the F Engines to the network switch and Compute Engines. 2014jan27.
    • Regarding commensal observing: "...somehow we’re going to have to remember that certain data is crap."

Taiwan 2011

  • "The longer you wait, the cheaper it gets."
  • "Throw away your correlator."
  • (On your five year old correlator) "Consider it garbage."
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