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CASPER Library Reference Manual

PDFs of the reference manual are no longer being updated.
Please see the wiki for library documentation

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Simulink-based Toolflow

Toolflow and library setup


This section contains links to papers written about CASPER projects and technologies.



  1. Plans for an 8-Station Dual-Polarization Correlator on the BEE2 - July 2005 (Aaron Parsons)
  2. Temperature vs. sample time ADC tests - April 2006 (Aaron Parsons, David MacMahon, Dan Werthimer)
  3. Correlator Development Plans [PDF] - April 2006 (Aaron Parsons)
  4. DC offset in FFT Butterflies - April 2006 (Aaron Parsons)
  5. Characterization of ADC frequency responses - May 2006 (Christina de Jesus)
  6. IBOB PROM burning procedure [PDF] - March 2006 (Henry Chen)
  7. ADC mismatch - June 2006 (David MacMahon)
  8. Board Schematics moved to Hardware section
  9. Characterization of ADC impedance response - July 2006 (Christina de Jesus)
  10. Xilinx System Generator for DSP in the CASPER Group [PDF] - January 2007 (Aaron Parsons, Daniel Chapman, Henry Chen)
  11. Consequences of One Bit Quantization on Signal to Noise Ratio [PDF] - January 2007 (Daniel Chapman)
  12. XAUI Transmission Error Rates on the BEE2 [PDF] - February 2007 (Aaron Parsons, Henry Chen)
  13. Xilinx XPS Software Compilation Optimization Settings [PDF] - February 2007 (Daniel Chapman, Andrew Siemion)
  14. Quantization with Four Bits [PDF] - March 2007 (Don Backer)
  15. Co-Simulation Setup Procedure [PDF] - August 2007 (Ben Blackman)
  16. Packetized FX Correlator Architectures [PDF] - September 2007 (Peter McMahon, Alan Langman, Dan Werthimer, et. al.)
  17. IBOB Fan Modification Procedure [PDF] - September 2007 (Henry Chen)
  18. 6 Gsps ADC Interleave Test [PDF] - September 2007 (Rick Raffanti)
  19. 10GbE Switch Configuration Guide [PDF] - November 2007 (Jason Manley)
  20. 10GbE Network Card Benchmarking [PDF] - February 2008 (J Manley, T Filiba, D Werthimer)
  21. IBOB XAUI Connector Fix [PDF] - March 2008 (Andrew Siemion)
  22. A feasibility study of a 4 Gbps data recorder for VLBI [PDF] - April 2008 (Jouko Ritakari et al.)
  23. Xilinx 10.1 EDK/ISE/SG Batch File Creation for use with CASPER DSP Libraries
  24. Sync Pulse Usage - July 2008 (Henry Chen, Peter McMahon, Aaron Parsons)
  25. Optimum XAUI Implementation Parameters - July 2008 (Suraj Gowda)


  1. URSI, Jan 2008, Large-N correlators - Jason Manley
  2. Beamformer for the Allen Telescope Array - William Barott
  3. The Fly's Eye - LANL/Berkeley Meeting Dec 2008 - Griffin Foster, Peter McMahon, Andrew Siemion



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