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10/23/14 Quadratic Estimators I21cm Cosmology21cm Transition
6/25/14 Power Spectra7/2/14 Power Spectra Cont. + InterferometryAIPY
Adrian Liu's Summer 2015 Global Signal TalksAipyBugReportAipyCookBook
AipyTutSrcAipyTutorialAmplifier Circuits
Angular Diameter DistanceAtomic and Molecular Quantum NumbersBasic Interferometry
Basic Interferometry IIBasic ScatteringBlack-Body Radiation
Boltzmann distributionBootstrap resamplingCHAMP Bootcamp 2016
CHAMP Bootcamp 2017Capacitance and InductanceCasperTutorial00
CasperTutorial01Central Limit TheoremClassical Bohr Atom
Collisional BroadeningCollisional ExcitationsComparison of Leuschner and Colorado Data
Compton CatastropheCompton ScatteringComputing
ConvectionConvolution TheoremCoordinates
CorrelatorCorrelatorsCosmological Principle
CosmologyCosmology Lecture 01Cosmology Lecture 02
Cosmology Lecture 03Cosmology Lecture 04Cosmology Lecture 05
Cosmology Lecture 06Cosmology Lecture 07Cosmology Lecture 08
Cosmology Lecture 09Cosmology Lecture 10Cosmology Lecture 11
Cosmology Lecture 12Cosmology Lecture 13Cosmology Lecture 14
Cosmology Lecture 15Cosmology Lecture 16Cosmology Lecture 17
Cosmology Lecture 18Cosmology Lecture 19Cosmology Lecture 20
Cosmology Lecture 21Cosmology Lecture 22Cosmology Lecture 23
Cosmology Lecture 24Coulomb FocusingCreating Short Topical Presentations
DSP in FPGAsData RepresentationsDelay Imaging
Detailed BalanceDigital Down ConversionDiodes
Dipole AntennasDirection Dependent BeamsDispersion measure
Doppler BroadeningDoppler shiftDust Absorption and Scattering
Earth Rotation SynthesisEffect of Cooling Time on Synchrotron SpectraEinstein Coefficients
Electromagnetic Plane WavesEmission Line ObservingEnergy Density
Equations of StateEstimating Atomic Transition StrengthsFIR Filters
Faraday rotationFast Fourier TransformField assembly instructions
Fisher MatricesFluid DynamicsFluid Dynamics Course Notes
Fluid and Acceleration EquationsFluids Lecture 01Fluids Lecture 02
Fluids Lecture 03Flux CalibrationFourier Transform
Fourier TransformsFrequency Redistribution in Non-Coherent ScatteringFriedmann Equation
Fringe StoppingFusionGalactic Dynamics and Stellar Formation
Galaxies Lecture 01Galaxies Lecture 02Galaxies Lecture 03
Galaxies Lecture 04Galaxies Lecture 05Galaxies Lecture 06
Galaxies Lecture 07Galaxies Lecture 08Galaxies Lecture 09
Galaxies Lecture 10Galaxies Lecture 11Galaxies Lecture 12
Galaxies Lecture 13Galaxies Lecture 14Galaxies Lecture 15
Galaxies Lecture 16Galaxies Lecture 17Galaxies Lecture 18
Galaxies Lecture 19Galaxies Lecture 20Galaxies Lecture 21
Galaxies Lecture 22Galaxies Lecture 23Galaxies Lecture 24
Galaxies Lecture 25Galaxies Lecture 26General Relativity Primer
GriddingHYPERIONHeterodyne Mixers
Homemade InterferometerHubble's Law and Scale Factors
Hydrostatic EquilibriumIDL DecalIDL Decal Misc. Resources
IDL Final ProjectsIDL General ResourcesIDL Homework
IDL SolutionsIDL TutorialsIDL Weekly Resources
ISM SummaryImaging I: Dirty Map and Weighting; Deconvolution, Selfcal, and MFSImaging II: Imaging Errors and Data Editing
Imaging III: Wide-Field ImagingImaging IV: Spectral Line and PolarizationImpedance
Impedance of Free SpaceInterferometry IInterferometry I: 2-element interferometer; interferometer response
Interferometry II: basic properties of synthesis arrays; aperture synthesisInterferometry III: signal path; calibrationInterstellar Medium
Intro to ROACHIntro to Research ResourcesIntroduction Papers
Introduction to Digital Signal ProcessingIntroduction to Synchrotron Radiation and Relativistic BeamingInverse Compton Scattering
Ionospheric DistortionJohnson-Nyquist Noise
Kramer's OpacityLarmor FormulaLatex
Least SquaresLine Profile Functions
Local Thermodynamic EquilibriumLorentz transformationsMain Page
Main sequenceMarkov-Chain Monte CarloMasers
Maxwell EquationsMaxwellian velocity distributionMeasurement Equation
Measuring PowerMilne Relation
Natural BroadeningNetwork ProgrammingNoise Temperature
Nyquist SamplingOhm's LawOom Lecture 01
Oom Lecture 02Oom Lecture 03Oom Lecture 04
Oom Lecture 05Oom Lecture 06Oom Lecture 07
Oom Lecture 08Oom Lecture 09Oom Lecture 10
Oom Lecture 11Oom Lecture 12Oom Lecture 13
Oom Lecture 14Oom Lecture 15Oom Lecture 16
Oom Lecture 17Oom Lecture 18Oom Lecture 19
Oom Lecture 20Oom Lecture 21Oom Lecture 22
OpacityOptical DepthOrder-of-Magnitude Physics
Parallel ComputingPlasma FrequencyPlotting Ellipses in Python
PolarizationProcessor ArchitecturesProgramming Resources
PulsarsPython Installation and Basic ProgrammingQuantization and Rounding
RC FiltersRadiation Lecture 01
Radiation Lecture 02Radiation Lecture 03Radiation Lecture 04
Radiation Lecture 05Radiation Lecture 06Radiation Lecture 07
Radiation Lecture 08Radiation Lecture 09Radiation Lecture 10
Radiation Lecture 11Radiation Lecture 12Radiation Lecture 13
Radiation Lecture 14Radiation Lecture 15Radiation Lecture 16
Radiation Lecture 17Radiation Lecture 18Radiation Lecture 19
Radiation Lecture 20Radiation Lecture 21Radiation Lecture 22
Radiation Lecture 23Radiation Lecture 24Radiation Lecture 25
Radiation Lecture 26Radiative DiffusionRadiative Equilibrium
Radiative Processes in AstrophysicsRadiative Transfer CodesRadiative Transfer Equation
Radiative transport and conductionRadio 101
Radio 101 IntroductionRadio Astronomy: Tools and TechniquesRadio Sky
Radiometer EquationRadiometer Equation Applied to InterferometersRadiometer Equation Applied to Telescopes
Random WalksReciprocity TheoremRelativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology
Revision ControlRovibrational Transitions
SZ EffectSaha EquationScale Factor
Self CalibrationSingle Dish Basics
Single Dish Observing & Spectral Line BasicsSingle Dish Signal Path & CalibrationSingle Electron Power Spectrum
SpeadConventionsSpead specificationSpecific Intensity
Spectroscopic NotationStar formation
Statistics in Python
Stellar StructureStellar end statesStellar evolution
Stellar spectraSupernovaeSynchronous and Asynchronous Logic
Synchrotron FrequencySynchrotron Polarization
Synchrotron RadiationSynchrotron Self-Compton
Synchrotron Self-InteractionsSynchrotron Spectrum
Talk 1: The Basics, Spectral Distortions, and the 21cm Line
Talk 2: Differential Brightness Temperature and the Global 21cm Signal EvolutionTalk 3: Radiative Transfer, Application to 21cm Global Signal, and the WF Effect
Teaching GuidelinesTelescope Field of View/Resolution
Tentative TopicsTerminationThe initial system setup
Thermal BremsstrahlungThevenin Equivalent Resistance
Thomson ScatteringTiming DiagramsTransistors
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