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10/23/14 Quadratic Estimators I21cm Cosmology21cm Transition
6/25/14 Power Spectra7/2/14 Power Spectra Cont. + InterferometryAIPY
Adrian Liu's Summer 2015 Global Signal TalksAipyBugReportAipyCookBook
AipyTutSrcAipyTutorialAmplifier Circuits
Angular Diameter DistanceAtomic and Molecular Quantum NumbersBasic Interferometry
Basic Interferometry IIBasic ScatteringBlack-Body Radiation
Boltzmann distributionBootstrap resamplingCHAMP Bootcamp 2016
CHAMP Bootcamp 2017Capacitance and InductanceCasperTutorial00
CasperTutorial01Central Limit TheoremCherenkov Radiation
Classical Bohr AtomCollisional BroadeningCollisional Excitations
Comparison of Leuschner and Colorado DataCompton CatastropheCompton Scattering
ComputingConvectionConvolution Theorem
Cosmological PrincipleCosmologyCosmology Lecture 01
Cosmology Lecture 02Cosmology Lecture 03Cosmology Lecture 04
Cosmology Lecture 05Cosmology Lecture 06Cosmology Lecture 07
Cosmology Lecture 08Cosmology Lecture 09Cosmology Lecture 10
Cosmology Lecture 11Cosmology Lecture 12Cosmology Lecture 13
Cosmology Lecture 14Cosmology Lecture 15Cosmology Lecture 16
Cosmology Lecture 17Cosmology Lecture 18Cosmology Lecture 19
Cosmology Lecture 20Cosmology Lecture 21Cosmology Lecture 22
Cosmology Lecture 23Cosmology Lecture 24Coulomb Focusing
Creating Short Topical PresentationsDSP in FPGAsData Representations
Delay ImagingDetailed BalanceDigital Down Conversion
DiodesDipole AntennasDirection Dependent Beams
Dispersion measureDoppler BroadeningDoppler shift
Dust Absorption and ScatteringEarth Rotation SynthesisEffect of Cooling Time on Synchrotron Spectra
Einstein CoefficientsElectromagnetic Plane WavesEmission Line Observing
Energy DensityEquations of StateEstimating Atomic Transition Strengths
FIR FiltersFaraday rotationFast Fourier Transform
Field assembly instructionsFisher MatricesFluid Dynamics
Fluid Dynamics Course NotesFluid and Acceleration EquationsFluids Lecture 01
Fluids Lecture 02Fluids Lecture 03Flux Calibration
Fourier TransformFourier TransformsFrequency Redistribution in Non-Coherent Scattering
Friedmann EquationFringe StoppingFusion
Galactic Dynamics and Stellar FormationGalaxies Lecture 01Galaxies Lecture 02
Galaxies Lecture 03Galaxies Lecture 04Galaxies Lecture 05
Galaxies Lecture 06Galaxies Lecture 07Galaxies Lecture 08
Galaxies Lecture 09Galaxies Lecture 10Galaxies Lecture 11
Galaxies Lecture 12Galaxies Lecture 13Galaxies Lecture 14
Galaxies Lecture 15Galaxies Lecture 16Galaxies Lecture 17
Galaxies Lecture 18Galaxies Lecture 19Galaxies Lecture 20
Galaxies Lecture 21Galaxies Lecture 22Galaxies Lecture 23
Galaxies Lecture 24Galaxies Lecture 25Galaxies Lecture 26
General Relativity PrimerGitAipy
Heterodyne MixersHomemade Interferometer
Hubble's Law and Scale FactorsHydrostatic EquilibriumIDL Decal
IDL Decal Misc. ResourcesIDL Final ProjectsIDL General Resources
IDL HomeworkIDL SolutionsIDL Tutorials
IDL Weekly ResourcesISM SummaryImaging I: Dirty Map and Weighting; Deconvolution, Selfcal, and MFS
Imaging II: Imaging Errors and Data EditingImaging III: Wide-Field ImagingImaging IV: Spectral Line and Polarization
ImpedanceImpedance of Free SpaceInterferometry I
Interferometry I: 2-element interferometer; interferometer responseInterferometry II: basic properties of synthesis arrays; aperture synthesisInterferometry III: signal path; calibration
Interstellar MediumIntro to ROACHIntro to Research Resources
Introduction PapersIntroduction to Digital Signal ProcessingIntroduction to Synchrotron Radiation and Relativistic Beaming
Inverse Compton ScatteringIonospheric DistortionJohnson-Nyquist Noise
Kramer's OpacityLaTeX
Larmor FormulaLeast Squares
Line Profile FunctionsLocal Thermodynamic Equilibrium
Lorentz transformationsMain PageMain sequence
Markov-Chain Monte CarloMasersMaxwell Equations
Maxwellian velocity distributionMeasurement EquationMeasuring Power
Milne RelationNatural Broadening
Network ProgrammingNoise TemperatureNyquist Sampling
Ohm's LawOom Lecture 01Oom Lecture 02
Oom Lecture 03Oom Lecture 04Oom Lecture 05
Oom Lecture 06Oom Lecture 07Oom Lecture 08
Oom Lecture 09Oom Lecture 10Oom Lecture 11
Oom Lecture 12Oom Lecture 13Oom Lecture 14
Oom Lecture 15Oom Lecture 16Oom Lecture 17
Oom Lecture 18Oom Lecture 19Oom Lecture 20
Oom Lecture 21Oom Lecture 22Opacity
Optical DepthOrder-of-Magnitude PhysicsParallel Computing
Plasma FrequencyPlotting Ellipses in PythonPolarization
Processor ArchitecturesProgramming ResourcesPulsars
Python Installation and Basic ProgrammingQuantization and RoundingRC Filters
Radiation Lecture 01Radiation Lecture 02
Radiation Lecture 03Radiation Lecture 04Radiation Lecture 05
Radiation Lecture 06Radiation Lecture 07Radiation Lecture 08
Radiation Lecture 09Radiation Lecture 10Radiation Lecture 11
Radiation Lecture 12Radiation Lecture 13Radiation Lecture 14
Radiation Lecture 15Radiation Lecture 16Radiation Lecture 17
Radiation Lecture 18Radiation Lecture 19Radiation Lecture 20
Radiation Lecture 21Radiation Lecture 22Radiation Lecture 23
Radiation Lecture 24Radiation Lecture 25Radiation Lecture 26
Radiative DiffusionRadiative EquilibriumRadiative Processes in Astrophysics
Radiative Transfer CodesRadiative Transfer Equation
Radiative transport and conductionRadio 101Radio 101 Introduction
Radio Astronomy: Tools and TechniquesRadio SkyRadiometer Equation
Radiometer Equation Applied to InterferometersRadiometer Equation Applied to TelescopesRandom Walks
Reciprocity TheoremRecombination CoefficientsRelativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology
Review of EquilibriaRevision Control
Rovibrational TransitionsSZ EffectSaha Equation
Scale FactorSelf CalibrationSingle Dish Basics
Single Dish Observing & Spectral Line BasicsSingle Dish Signal Path & Calibration
Single Electron Power SpectrumSpeadConventionsSpead specification
Specific IntensitySpectroscopic NotationStar formation
Statistics in PythonStellar StructureStellar end states
Stellar evolutionStellar spectraStokes parameters
SupernovaeSynchronous and Asynchronous LogicSynchrotron Frequency
Synchrotron PolarizationSynchrotron Radiation
Synchrotron Self-ComptonSynchrotron Self-Interactions
Synchrotron Spectrum
Talk 1: The Basics, Spectral Distortions, and the 21cm LineTalk 2: Differential Brightness Temperature and the Global 21cm Signal Evolution
Talk 3: Radiative Transfer, Application to 21cm Global Signal, and the WF Effect
Teaching GuidelinesTelescope Field of View/ResolutionTentative Topics
TerminationThe initial system setupThermal Bremsstrahlung
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